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1. What we can do for you?
We are manufacturer & exporter & wholesaler of loose cubic zirconia, synthetic gemstones, natural gemstones and jewelry. So we can supply you these products with high quality but in factory direct prices.

Loose Cubic Zirconia: loose CZ gems A to loose CZ gems AAAAA qualities, machine cut hearts & arrows, round brilliant cut, heart cut, marquise cut, oval cut, pear cut, princess cut, trillion cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, Radiant cut, Asscher cut etc. Customized fancy cuts accepted.

Synthetic Gemstones: 
synthetic ruby series, synthetic blue sapphire series, synthetic spinel series, synthetic Alexandrite, synthetic opals, nano gemstones series, synthetic star ruby, synthetic star blue sapphire, loose Moissanite gems and synthetic glass crystal, watermelon glass, Ammolite glass, cross gems, glass colored stones etc.

Natural Gemstones:
ruby, blue sapphire, Emerald, Topaz white, Topaz blue, citrine, garnet, amethyst, Diopside, peridot, black spinel, smoky quartz, Zircon, Tourmaline, peals etc.

Cubic zirconia jewellery, synthetic gems jewellery, natural gemstones jewellery, copper/silver/gold jewellery, pearls jewellery, ring/bracelet/earrings/necklace jewellery, customized jewellery etc.

2. What about your company supply ability?
For loose cubic zirconia and synthetic gemstones, our supply capacity is 100000000pcs per month.

Any further questions, please contact us sales@CZ-gems.com for more information.


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